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This tabletop roleplaying game is inspired by the popular friendship wrecking videogame "Among Us". Because, you know, if you're willing to sacrifice a friendship to a game, might be better if you make it extra memorable and say goodbye to that friendship with a narrative flair!

In TRAITOR ! you'll all be weaving a story of survival together. 4 to 6 players will need each other to survive but someone... someTHING is rooting for their demise. There is a traitor among you and the dice will do their bidding - good luck.

Updated 15 days ago
CategoryPhysical game
AuthorNuno Teixeira
Tagsamongus, GM-Less, tabletop, ttrpg


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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I just read through the game and I love the improvisation quality of the scene prompts and such. But I am confused at how to end the game?

Hi G8mer, thanks for getting the game!
The game automatically ends after Scene 4. If one or more traitors are still alive, they get to narrate the closing scene as they please. If no traitors are left alive then the survivors get to narrate the closing scene as they please.


Oh my God, I see that now. Thank you again!


Just bought and read this game. Feels like it could make for a great party game whenever we're all able to gather together again. But even online, let the accusations fly!

Let them fly indeed! Hope you have fun playing it :)